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Custom Music Production

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With an extensive offering of genres, Excel Beats along with his award-winning roster of industry vets will be able to produce an excellent sound for just about any song or project you want to make. With over a decade of experience in such a range of genres Excel is sure to help you get a unique, but on-trend sound.



Send us your raw recorded tracks,

and get back a professional, great-sounding mix.

Our unique mixing process is tailored to your own personal style, resulting in a one-of-a-kind sound that will take your music to the next level.


Service includes:

♪ Professional mix

♪ Up to 3 revisions

♪ Unlimited track count

♪ Any music genre

♪ Satisfaction guaranteed


Our mastering process ensures your music

is ready to be released to the world and streamed on any music service or platform.

Enhancing the punch and loudness of your mix, while maintaining clear and detailed sound.


Service includes:

♪ Professional master

♪ Up to 3 revisions

♪ Commercial loudness

♪ Fading and transitions

♪ Satisfaction guaranteed

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