Excel Beats


Brian "Excel Beats" Whittaker is a professional music producer by trade. He has a very extensive background which includes producing, engineering and writing music for a host of major and independently distributed artists. He is also known for sync licensing and composing for major television and film projects. Brian is a member of Grammy Award Nominated and Emmy Nominated band and production group “House Of Vibe All Stars”. 


Excel comes from a long line of industry professionals. His father Woody Whittaker was a song writer and member of the band Taxie. His uncle “Lon Fontaine'' was one of America’s top choreographers in the 1980’s. Fontaine was most known for his work with The Temptations, even designing their signature microphone stand. His uncle’s Armstead and Norman were both touring percussionists who played for Ella Fitzgerald who was the most popular female Jazz singer in the United States for more than half a century. 


With over 15 years of experience in almost every aspect of the music and entertainment industry Brian has Co-Founded Music Mergers, LLC to provide independent artists with education, guidance and clarity in such a rapidly changing and fragmented industry.  

Music Mergers functions as a marketplace for independent musicians to submit their music to vetted professionals

We have partnered with Cosynd to provide the fastest and most affordable way to protect all of your creations with simple copyright registrations and agreements!


Eclipse Playlisting offers playlists for any occasion or mood. Our ambition is to help you find the best music whether you’re looking for the latest hits, a soundtrack for studying, music for your dinner party, or a playlist to boost your workout performance.